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Canei Invite app - Awarded winning* app for Canei, the #1 wine brand in the Netherlands.
The app played a strategic role in integrating social media and traditional marketing tools.
The 'Canei Invite' app, developed for iPhone and Android platform, lets thousands of Canei fans find each other on the map, and let them share their finest moments.
*Wijn Marketing Award 2011

Frienzzup app - The social media app that integrates the most popular functions.
Frienzzup is the free and easy Friend Finder, Push Photo Share & Messaging app. It is the first app in the world that lets you (find and) invite friends on the map with a 'one-click-invite' button, it offers free (group) chat, and real-time photo share (make photo = share photo).

"The only free app around that is easy to use and integrates everything you need to have a great time out."

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